Friday, 10 October 2014

Xiaomi update: Mi3 won't sell in India any more,Mi3 to be replaced by Mi4

Xiaomi update: Mi3 won't sell in India any more, Redmi Note coming soon
The much talked about Xiaomi Mi3 has gone out of production in India. According to company VP Hugo Barra, the Mi3 has been replaced by the Xiaomi Mi4 in the production lines, which is supposed to launch in India by the end of the year or early 2015. The company will still offer some units of the Mi3 in the coming few months, but no more full fledged sales for the Mi3 will be organised. The company will presumably finish up the inventory that it currently has, while preparing for the Mi4.
Point in fact, Xiaomi recently sent emails to Mi3 customers who have tried to purchase the device more than five times unsuccessfully. The Mi3 was automatically added to their carts on Flipkart and a mail was sent informing them of the same. Xiaomi will continue to sell the devices for some more time, but no new units are being produced. The device will be replaced by the Mi4 as the flagship in country.
Meanwhile, Xiaomi is preparing to bring out its Redmi Note smartphone in India. Barra said that the device should be coming soon and the company is working on the final steps required. In addition, Barra also mentioned that Xiaomi has solved the heating issues in the Redmi 1S smartphone, which led to performance issues. Xiaomi will be pushing an OTA update soon, which will rectify the heating issues and consequent performance drop in the device.
Lastly, in what should be good news for Xiaomi aficionados, Barra said that the company will be bringing more units of its products. According to him, Xiaomi flash sales should last more than just a few seconds from now on. The company recently sold about one lakh units of the Redmi 1S during Flipkart’s Big Billion Day 

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