Wednesday, 8 October 2014

J.K.'s Mystery Tweet... Just Reveal The Return Of Harry Potter?

And finally the world had an answer to the riddle:
It seemed like the waves of enthusiasm for the riddle took a toll on poor Ms. Rowling...
But J.K. obviously enjoyed that game as much as we did:
And made sure to thank all of us for following along. We love you too J.K. !
And finally a further tidbit of information pertaining to one Newt Scamander... just enough to get us excited:


J.K. Rowling has sent Harry Potter fans - including me, obviously - crazy with her latest tweet where she dropped a GIGANTIC RIDDLE:
Dammit, J.K., what does this MEAN?
I've been puzzling over this for a good 30 minutes now, and all I've got is a headache and a loss of faith in my Scrabble skills...
But! An eagle-eyed Redditor noted J.K.'s riddle is a perfect anagram for:
Harry returns! Won't say any details now. A week off. No comment
SERIOUSLY?! There are not enough joyful emoticons to express how I feel if J.K. really is bringing Harry back...
But HOW could Harry return?
1. Harry Potter: The Auror Years

We know that Harry becomes the head of the Auror office. It would be amazing to find out what other epic battles against evil Harry fought in. I mean, just look at how great he was as a kid - imagine what he could do as a grown-up!
2. Harry Potter Origins: The Tale of Godric's Hollow

Everyone loves a prequel, right? There's lots of detail in the Harry Potter canon about the James/Lily/Snape story, but a proper school story about The Marauders, leading up to Harry's birth and the betrayal of the Potters would be pretty magical.
3. Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts

Sure, J.K. has confirmed that Newt Scamander's story begins in New York, decades before Harry's birth, but the original book of Fantastic Beasts has running commentary from Harry and his friends, much likeTales of Beedle The Bard has Dumbledore's thoughts on the source material. Film is a flexible medium, and there's no reason J.K. can't add in a bit of Harry to the upcoming Beasts movie...

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