Friday, 1 August 2014

How To Increase UTorrent Downloading Speed

UTorrent is a free BitTorrent client which allow users to directly download torrents on your computer.Many peoples downloads games,softwares and movies from torrents.They face many problems in downloading torrents with UTorrentbecause of UTorrent's low downloading speed.The size ofUTorrent is only 1.5 MB.But their are many functions available on it.You can increase your UTorrent downloading speed by upto 5X by reading this article.

Simple Ways To Increase Torrent Download Speed :

1. The best way to increase torrent download speed is to download torrent files with internet download manager or any other download managers.You can read article about downloading torrent files with IDM byclicking here.
2. Please note that the torrent you are downloading have higher number of seeders than lechers.So I recommend you to download torrents that have higher number of seeders than lechers.

Easily Increase UTorrent Downloading Speed : 

1. First of all make you sure that you have installed latest version of UTorrent on your computer/laptop.If you not installed latest version of UTorrent then install it from here.
2. Now open latest version of UTorrent in your computer/laptop and go to Options >> Preferences.
3. Now in Connections,Use the Random Port Value above 10000.I Recommend you to use Random port Value 45682 and disable UPnP Port Mapping.

How To Increase UTorrent Downloading Speed

4. In Bandwidth,Change Maximum Upload Speed from 0 to 10,Change Maximum Number of Global Connections from 200 to 2329,Change Maximum number of connected peers per torrent from 50 to 1890 and change Number of upload slots per torrent from 4 to 14.

How To Increase UTorrent Downloading Speed

5. In BitTorrent,Enable the Outgoing in Prototype Encryption.
6. In Queuing, Change Maximum Number of Active Downloads from 5 to 10 and change Seeding Goal Minimum Ratio from 150 to 0.

How To Increase UTorrent Downloading Speed

7. In Advanced Settings,

  • Change bt.allow_same_ip value from from False to True.
  • Change bit.connect_speed value from 7 to 130.
  • Change dht.rate value from -1 to 2.
  • Change gui.show_nontorrents_nodes from True to False.
  • Change value of net.max_halfopen From 100 to 120.

Now you can download torrents with very fast speed.Torrent downloading speed is depends upon number of seeders and lechers.If the torrents you are downloading have good number of seeders that lechers then you will get high UTorrent downloading speed.This method work for many peoples but I see that this will slow down the downloading speed of some peoples.If your downloading speed is slow down by using this method then go to Settings >> Preferences and restore to default settings.

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