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Mystery of 12 crystal skulls of legend !!!!!!!!


                              Ancient Mayan Legends speak of 12 crystal skulls coming together with a 13th crystal skull in the middle. This dynamic energy of 12+1 is truly transformational. With 12 mini crystal skulls in a circle, you can manifest enhanced joy and fulfillment in every area of your life.
You can place these 12 crystal skulls around your own crystal skull to enhance its power and energy - your crystal skull becomes the 13th crystal skull in the center. Or you can place the 12 mini clear crystal skulls around you to support you to feel energized, empowered and inspired, especially during your meditations - essentially making you the 13th crystal skull in the center.


The number 12 has been held sacred since ancient times all over the globe indeed, it has formed the basis for how most of us live our lives in the world today. There are 12 months in the year and 12 signs of the zodiac. The days are divided into 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night – with watches and clocks displaying 12-hour periods.
Ancient numbering and measuring systems that we still use today are based on the number twelve: there are 12 inches in a foot, 12 units to a dozen, a gross is 12 times 12, and there are 12 ounces in a Troy ounce (used for precious metals). In North America, our legal system is decided by a jury of 12 people.
The number 12 has also played an important role as a divine number in many of the world's great religions. There were 12 Apostles as disciples of Christ, 12 Tribes in Israel, 12 great Gods of ancient pantheons in Greece, 12 Nidanas in Buddhism, and the Qabbalah says that creation was accomplished during 12 hours of a day. There are 12 days of Christmas, and by divine design, there are normally 12 pairs of ribs in the human body.
Crystal skulls become even more powerful when they are together with other crystal skulls - this is why people are drawn to crystal skull gatherings and are called to be guardians of many crystal skulls. Different crystal skulls have different frequencies and vibrations, and create harmonious energy together, like keys on a keyboard. However, when working with grid formations, we have found that it is easier to attune to specific frequencies when the crystal skulls are all of the same size and same stone - particularly quartz, which has the highest vibration and can be attuned most precisely (like a crystal radio).


Circles have also been sacred throughout ancient cultures around the world – the ancients knew the power of the circle to focus and harness energy.  The ancient druids and celts arranged standing stones in sacred circles, like the one at Stonehenge. Religious devotees often walked circular labyrinths, like the one at Chartres for profound reverence and meditative pilgrimages.
Native Americans use stones in a circle to create a sacred medicine wheel. Tibetans create mandalas with circles that signify levels of consciousness – the word “mandala” in Tibetan means center and periphery, i.e. a circle. Tantric Buddhism views the mandala as a symbol of man's relationship with the cosmos and uses it in meditation to lead to enlightenment.
The word mandala is a Sanskrit term that means “sacred circle” or “magic circle”. The mandala symbolizes wholeness: the circle of eternity. In sacred geometry, the circle represents the spiritual realms.


We have found that a circle of twelve crystal skulls of the same size, shape, and stone creates a synergistic and harmonious energy that amplifies the power of the crystal skulls. One can use any twelve crystal skulls, but when they are carved of the same type of stone, it creates a powerful matrix that seems to become a portal to higher frequencies and dimensions of consciousness and experience.
For anyone who is sensitive and aware of energies, one can perceive a great difference in energy when you create a circle of crystal skulls - particularly when there are 12 crystal skulls in a circle. There is also a tremendous difference in energy when these crystal skulls are all the same stone, particularly of the same size and shape. The effect is one of increased power, balance and harmony that creates a sacred space and a vortex for energizing and manifestation.
Twelve skulls of the same size and stone create a synergistic matrix to focus and charge energy. Placing anything within this circle amplifies and intensifies the focus, energy and power of your intention. There are many ways one can use this matrix of 12 crystal skulls in a sacred circle for healing, meditating and manifesting.

12 Crystal Skull Matrix Activation Portal

The circle of twelve crystal skulls can be used to activate another crystal skull. Simply place any crystal skull in the center of the circle of twelve, and ask for the crystal skull in the center to be cleared, activated, and fully energized, and also attuned to the ideal frequency to support your highest and best good, and for your greatest joy, fulfillment and wellbeing.

It is best to activate one centerpiece crystal skull at a time, ideally over a 24-hour period. You can do this anytime, yet it is most potent when energizing your crystal skull under the full moon. You can also use the 12 crystal skull matrix circle during a new moon for programming your intentions for yourself into the center crystal skull.
Crystal skulls absolutely seem to transfer energy and information from one to the other - it is like using a memory stick to transfer information from one computer to another. It has been repeatedly experienced that some of the energetic properties of old and ancient crystal skulls can be transferred to new and contemporary crystal skulls when placed in close proximity for a certain period of time. The Seraphim Institute in Germany has visually documented this exchange of energy between crystal skulls using a photon camera.
You have the opportunity to own a set of 12 crystal skulls that have been charged and activated in the presence of "Amar", the Tibetan Crystal Skull. This rare 22-pound crystal skull was rescued from Tibet by a Tibetan Lama who hand-carried it across the Himalayas at great personal risk and peril. Although Amar (which means "to love") is not shown publicly, we are privileged to work with it in ceremonies that charge, empower and activate all of the crystal skulls that we offer, including these powerful 12 crystal skulls sets.

Your 12 crystal skulls set will enhance your environment, your meditations, and all of your crystal skulls. It can serve as a catalyst to bring out the best in you and in your life - helping you to manifest a better world for yourself and for humanity as a whole.

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